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The Complicated History Behind BLM's Solidarity with the Pro-Palestinian Movement


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American secularism is growing — and growing more complicated

The Washington Post

What Happens to Philip Roth's Legacy Now?

The New York Times

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The Reputation Game: How Authors Try to Control Their Image From Beyond the Grave

The Guardian

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How to Be Secular

Wisconsin Public Radio/NPR

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Losing Our Religion? Why More Americans Are Turning Away From Their Faith

Katie Couric Media

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Hanukkah’s darker origins feel more relevant in time of rising antisemitism, intense interest in identity

The Washington Post

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Blake Bailey Had Exclusive Access to Philip Roth’s Personal Papers. Roth’s Estate Plans on Destroying Them.

The New Republic

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Philip Roth Was His Own Favorite Subject. What’s Left for a Biographer?

The New York Times

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Ask PolitiFact: Is Black Lives Matter anti-Semitic?


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The Complete Guide to Will Smith Slap Takes

New York Magazine

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A master of self-promotion: letters reveal how Philip Roth ‘hustled’ for prizes

The Guardian

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The Philip Roth We Don't Know

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ChatGPT is not the end of written integrity

The Georgetown Voice

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The Stand

The Economist

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